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The situation: City of Austin asked the Child Care Task Force to make some recommendations on how to stabilize the child care sector. The Task Force made a beautiful report and presented it, and...crickets, y'all. There can't be public comment until there is an agenda item, and that needs to happen to keep the ball rolling on getting Austin's child care sector properly funded.

Here's a quote from the report:

According to a 2018 study by the Bipartisan Policy Center, Texas ranks last out of all states in having a coordinated, integrated early care and education system, layering a crisis on top of a weak and unstable foundation.


Austin had a childcare crunch before COVID, and with decreased enrollment and increased operating costs, our city's centers and providers are at risk. For the vast majority of families, childcare is a necessary component of being able to work, and we must act to avoid ending up in a situation with even fewer safe, reliable options available (especially affordable ones.) And by we, I mean the City Manager, Mayor, and Council. But also by we, I mean us.

As constituents, we need to provide pressure through some good old fashioned letter writing. And lucky for us, the digital age makes that super easy. Below are all the details from Cathy McHorse at the United Way. She sets it up real pretty for us.

And since the goal is getting as many residents as possible to ping City leaders, after you send your own letters...

1) Share this post on social media with the hashtags #FundAustinChildcare and #StrongerTogetherATX

2) Tag at least 3 friends who you know are impacted by Austin's childcare crisis

...and you'll be entered to win a $25 local restaurant gift card!

Who doesn't love a gift card?! We'll pick a winner on 9/7, so stretch your thumbs, and let's get it done!

Dear Advocates, 

If we want the City Council to support the rebuilding of the child care sector, they need to hear from their constituents about why quality child care for young children and families is a critical foundation to getting Austin back on track.

Here are the details: The City of Austin requested the Child Care Task Force to put forth recommendations for stabilizing and building back a more resilient child care sector.  The report was submitted to the City Council, where it is now on someone’s desk collecting dust. We need your help to ensure the City Council gives this report the attention and deliberation it deserves. 

We are asking you to email your City Council Members, Mayor Adler and City Manager Cronk to take action on the Child Care Task Forces’ recommendations.

Link to volunteer advocates letter draft:

  • For a simple immediate send – individuals can simply fill out their information here to send a letter on their behalf.

  • For a draft of the letter to copy/paste in an email: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wBYNjcaUQndOsARqm-_IIpMEZrWByG3bVzPOygfHdu4/edit?usp=sharing

Link to draft for child care providers/teachers/staff to send copy/personalize & send :


To send letter to all of City Council – paste the letter text here:


Link to Fund Austin Child Care on Facebook – like & share:



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