Take action for our public schools.

It can be hard to know how to take actions when there's so much going on. So we created this handy infographic for you to use and to share.

There's a lot happening to help make schools safe, and keep them funded so they can continue to serve our community, most specifically our vulnerable communities. With constantly changing information, it's hard to keep up. Those working hard behind the scenes to make it work CAN make it work...they just need time.

Delaying the start of school will enable local decision makers to continue working with the community, and get more voices to the table.

Our schools rely on attendance for funding. With so many un-enrolling or not enrolling, our public schools are at risk for losing valuable resources. This leaves community members who rely on the public school for critical services in the dust, and creates an even less equitable system. Not what we want, right? So whether you're choosing public school or not this year, something called 'hold harmless' is what we're asking for. This will keep funding where it was, instead of where it will be if the COVID-related changes to enrollment are in play.

There's a great petition by Just Fund It Texas to check out as well, and of course, remember to register to vote. Who we have in office directly affects how many calls you have to make to yell at them to do the right thing. The whole mail in ballot thing is a little weird, since it says you have to meet some criteria to do it, and COVID-related stuff doesn't count...but the Supreme Court also said you don't have to necessarily prove that you don't have a disability, so, we're saying just go for it and we'll continue to watch and see. Since it's through the mail, getting it early is your best bet.

Alright, y'all. Stretch your thumbs, and get it done.