A PSA on Abandoning Ship

Diana, here. I'm a mother of four, three of whom are in Austin public schools (the other is a toddler) so I get it. The lack of communication is frustrating. The inability to plan is infuriating. And it's easy to throw in the towel, pay someone else to handle it, and be done with our public school forever (or at least this year.)

Clearly this mass exodus wouldn't be happening if the system were working. You wouldn't see educators running to lead pandemic pods, or parents coordinating care with strangers on Facebook, just to get something on the calendar for Fall. And it can be argued that this is just what the school system needs; a shake up. A chance to do better. They NEED to do better.

Agreed. But, also...

It's important to remember that the resources these schools provide aren't just for your kids. We owe it to our community to step back, and get curious about the big picture. Do we need a better system? Yup. Are we going to have it tomorrow? Nope. Are our Black and Brown families, our special needs children, and other vulnerable youth at risk for losing what may be their sole lifeline through a severe decrease in public school funding? Yes, y'all.

So here's my PSA to take a breath, slow our roll, and consider the long term effects of our actions.

I mention some events that are now past, but there's more to come.